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ever Shine Senior Secondary school

Gyandeep bhawan, sitaram bazar, brahmpuri 302002 Jaipur, Rajasthan



In main building school has fully furnished 30 class rooms and one activity hall.

Computer Lab

We have 2 well equipped computer labs fledged with 35 multimedia computers with coloured monitors. Power system connected to high speed internet. The computer lab is also equipped with wide range of application software. In branch we have one computer lab.

Play Ground / Sports

Keeping the thought of fitness and health, the school organises games and sports time to time. For that purpose the school hires Chaugan stadium. For play games various playing equipments like swings, slides, toys, merry go round, Play pool, Mickey Mouse, Busy bitel car, Tunnel for Play Group / Nursery classes are available in the school premises. We offer sports activities and games to all students who wish to get the skills under the guidance of a highly qualified sports coach.

English Language Lab

We have English language lab associated with SANAKO, FINLAND to enhance the communicative skills of the students.

Smart & Digitalized Class Rooms

We have smart board class rooms, 3D (three dimensions) lab associated with teach Next Delhi.


The school has modern, spacious, beautifully designed and well-resource library in both the campus with open book shelves to provide senior and junior students with the opportunity to discover the enchanting world of knowledge. The stock is updated regularly and the students are encouraged to use this facility to inculcate a love for books from an early age.