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ever Shine Senior Secondary school

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Rules and Regulations


The whole academic session is divided into three terms for assessment of the students. class tests, Unite tests and Term examinations are conducted to assess the academic performance of the child and remedial measures will be taken to rectify the weak areas or each student.

Dates for tests/examinations shall not be shifted for the convenience of any individual case. No re-examinations will be conducted under any circumstances what so ever. In case the school has to be closed due to unforeseen reason, the test/examination, if planned on that day, will be held on the next working day following the last examination held.

The final assessment of a student for promotion shall be decided on the whole year’s record of the students and in accordance with school promotion rules as framed from time to time.

The Answer sheets of test/examinations will be shown to the parents for them to have an idea of their child’s performance.

Students who fail twice in the same class or three times during their school career shall have discontinue their studies in the school.

The exam pattern for class L.K.G. to IV and VI, VII, IX, XI will be as follow.

“Follow the  rules and Regulation for your better future”



  1. Student must reach the school punctually in the morning and attend the morning assembly regularly.
  2. They should also be very punctual in their movement in the school between assembly, classes, lunch, sports and other activities.
  3. Student must behave themselves in a decent manner at all time moving through the school in an orderly manner, not loitering around, not shouting, running or causing disturbance.
  4. Students should help the school as its careful members, making sure that there is no wastage/misuse of books, stationery, sports material equipments etc.
  5. Students should respect the school & every thing therein. They should not cause any damage; not spoil walls by writing or otherwise see that the furniture etc. is not damaged or destroyed and the cost will be recovered with fine. Wherever found necessary, collective fines may be imposed.